The Old Italian Block

Old Italian Block
“Old Italian Blocks” are a whiz to cut and sew. In 2004 I devised a way to cut 4 triangles, 4 rectangles and one square with only four rotary cuts and without wasting any fabric. This is such a remarkably simple technique that you’ll wonder why it hadn't been done previously. Make 2 blocks in 10 minutes.
The blocks can be paper pieced for perfectly matched intersections, practically with your eyes closed, using my simplified method of paper piecing. Paper piecing experience is not necessary but sewing machine and rotary cutting experience is required. These blocks are so incredibly easy it's almost cheating.
Though the surprising cutting and paper piecing of this block elicit murmurs of "Wow" during class, you may elect to sew the block conventionally (not on paper) and Anita will gladly contribute specific pointers for that as well.
Quilt Festival  Cincinnati 2012

Road to California Festival   Ontario California 2013
Japanese INDIGO Fabric Kits for this quilt are available from The Cotton Club