The Scrappy Pineapple: Working Your Fabrics

A Multiple Day Quilt Workshop
Set On-Point
Set Horizontal
This classic Pineapple on-point quilt is conventionally sewn, not foundation pieced. Mesmerizing circles appear by happenstance from square blocks.

Anita teaches her “why didn't I think of that?” techniques including how to cut 64 trapezoids and triangles to size, in only 14 rotary strokes, without using a ruler to measure and without wasting any fabric.In other words, in minutes the fabric is cut to shape in size, ready for you to orchestrate into blocks.

This quilt is made from square blocks; there is no need to piece corner or side triangle blocks. Every aspect of this quilt is absolutely made Simpler.
In addition to the many tricks up her sleeve she’ll show how fabric selections can elicit an artful quilt from a traditional pattern. This workshop embraces those who can’t say no to fabric.  The multiple day workshop is packed with individualized design and sewing techniques.
This clever girl chose Christmas fabric


Anonymous said...

I love the scrappy pineapple blocks/quilts shown, and would be interested to learn your technique.