No-Waste Windmill

The No-Waste Windmill:  Ease, Economy & Exuberance 
Technique class or multiple day Quilt Workshop  All levels
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The No-Waste Windmill. Harmony with Thrift

You may have seen a WINDMILL quilt before, but it wouldn’t have been made with Anita’s streamlined steps:
Four identical patches are cut out with only 2 rotary strokes using a disposable Cutting Lines™ pattern; there is no measuring and no wasted fabric. The 6” tessellating blocks are assembled from those patches.
Intentionally made slightly oversize, the block is accurately squared because the cutting pattern doubles as a true-up guide. There are no corners or points to match when sewing the blocks together. The construction is easier than an ordinary four-patch and the block angles contribute to the dynamic layout.

Since it’s possible to cut and sew a perfect block in 2 - 3 minutes there will be ample time to focus on the arrangement and composition of the quilt top. However, ALL the patches must be arranged prior to sewing the top.

The Windmill is usually a two-day minimum workshop because a person can't begin sewing the top together until all of the blocks are sewn and not one block can be sewn until all the pieces are laid out. Make the quilt any size you wish.
Alternatively, a brief technique class is available as seen below with Daughter and Mother getting down in Cincinnati at Quilt Festival 2013. The technique class calls for only five different fabrics :
Four 8.5" squares of different fabrics for Windmills and five 8.5" squares of same fabric for Background