About Supply Lists

Be Up-to-Date
Before packing up for a workshop,  be sure you have the current version of the supply list.  Please check the date at the bottom of any previously downloaded supply list against the current online version. The supply list may have been updated.

The First Pancake
Don't plan your quilt in advance of the class. That's what these workshop are for. Come to class, learn the block and explore its possibilities.

Enjoy the opportunities of working among other quilters and sharing information with them. You will be unpressured to make a few sample blocks. Learn from your the workshop samples; you needn't incorporate them into your quilt. They are the first pancakes, not necessarily keepers. The workshops are concerned with design and a multitude of techniques that can be applied beyond the particular workshop

Be Prepared
You'll find preparation for one day classes is minimal. Beginners are always welcomed. Sewing machine and rotary cutting experience required.

If a supply list doesn't print well from the link please try to download the document and then print it.

My Supply Lists are 'general.' A Guild will often supply an ironing set-up. A national venue may limit   irons because of electrical limitations. Sometimes students and the teacher can't manage to bring everything when traveling by air.  We share. We make do. We enjoy ourselves.