Houston Int'l Quilt Festival 2017

Houston 2017
I'll be teaching two one-day classes and two half-day classes prior to Festival's  opening.

Monday, October 30:             #128  Such Simple Stars, all-day. Catalog p 28

Tuesday, October 31:       #228  The Self-Mitered Log Cabin, all-day. Catalog p 39

Wednesday, November 1:     #361 Anita's Arrowhead, 9am-noon. Catalog p 54

Wednesday, November 1:     #392 Be-Jeweled, 2-5pm.  Catalog p 58

New ELNA sewing machines will be provided

My Simpler Star quilt and bundle featured in "Rock Solid"
Such Simple Stars #128 Monday October 30th All Day

The Self-Mitered Log Cabin #128 Tuesday October 31st All Day 
  • You may have seen the large Self-Mitered Log Cabin Quilt in 2014 in Karey Bresenhan's 500 Traditional Blocks (2014) or the exhibit at Festival. 
  • The workshop begins with a class-wide fabric consultation
  • The book Rotary Cutting Revolution is required for the Self-Mitered Log Cabin.  It is a paperback available from the usual sources. It includes a necesssary pattern
  • Don't over-think the fabric. A student once told me it didn't take her very long to gather the supplies for my class. She explained "I just grabbed whatever was on top of the pile." 
  • The Self-Mitered Log Cabin mat fee (Materials. i.e. kit) $5 is for vellum and opaque foundations. You don't need to prepare any print-outs for the workshop
 Anita's Arrowhead #361 Wednesday November 1st 9:00AM - Noon 

Be-Jeweled #392 Wednesday November 1st 2:00-5:00PM

Do not bring personal irons to the workshops. Two classroom irons will be provided; they are the only ones permitted because of power constraints. 

Please share your questions or comments on this post or email me Anita *at* MakeItSimpler.com

I want your experience at Festival to be wonderful.