Houston Int'l Quilt Festival 2017

Houston 2017
More information will be posted as Festival draws near

I've got Houston on my mind.  I'll be teaching two one-day classes and two half-day classes prior to the show opening.

Monday, October 30:             #xx  Such Simple Stars, all-day

Tuesday, October 31:       #xx  The Self-Mitered Log Cabin, all-day

Wednesday, November 1:     #xx  Anita's Arrowhead, 9am-noon

Wednesday, November 1:     #xx  Be-Jeweled, 2-5pm

New ELNA sewing machines will be provided. 

The Self-Mitered Log Cabin
Monday October 30 (9:00AM - 5:00PM)
The Self-Mitered Log Cabin  #xx   

You may have seen the large Self-Mitered Log Cabin Quilt in 2014 in Karey Bresenhan's 500 Traditional Blocks (2014) or the exhibit at Festival. The Self-Mitered Log Cabin workshop begins with a class-wide fabric consultation

  • The book Rotary Cutting Revolution is required for the Self-Mitered Log Cabin.  It is a paperback available from the usual sources. 
    • It's also a free bonus eBook in my Craftsy Traditional Blocks class
  • Advance preparation (cutting 16 different 1.5 x 8 inch fabric rectangles: 6 light, 4 medium 6 dark) is necessary for the Self-Mitered Log Cabin workshop. There are always some students who are able to bring more than 16 selections. Please cut the rectangles from starched fabric for class. 
  • Don't over-think the fabric. A student once told me it didn't take her very long to gather the supplies for my class. She explained "I just grabbed whatever was on top of the pile." 
  • The Self-Mitered Log Cabin kit fee is for vellum and opaque foundations
Do not bring personal irons to the workshops. Two classroom irons will be provided; they are the only ones permitted because of power constraints. It is helpful to have an aerosol can of spray starch on hand. If you are 'local' and driving to the event please bring a can to share. Quilt Festival attendees, including me, who travel by air are unable to bring any.

Please  share your questions or comments on this post or email me. I want your experience at Festival to be wonderful.