John C Campbell Folk School

John C Campbell Folk School
Sunday July 2  - Friday July 7


You may already have an idea of what we are up to but I prepared an album which includes of some pictures from previous day-long workshops
Album (When looking at an image, Click on the  [ i ] symbol (upper right) for block captions)

My Star method is original. I cut up a Square-on-Point block and then recombine it into a Star. Ordinarily, one sews up four geese units to make a Star. We won't. This is much easier.  The geese are an automatic by-product of the simply made Square-on-Point. (I teach the basic nethod as part of a Craftsy class "Quick Techniques"  50% discount applied in your shopping cart )

I make the Square-on-Point differently. I cut up 11" squares of fabric into four triangles that surround a center square. The center square must be exactly 6-7/8" You'll mark it off with the template plastic or you may use a 7" square ruler if you have one (trimming down afterwards). This site carries a 7" and 11" ruler.  I've never come across these ruler sizes from any other manufacturer.  They are handy to have but I'm not one to insist on buying up notions. I will bring all of my rulers and am happy to share them*.

If you use directional fabric, the 11" square method will maintain the orientation of the fabric without your giving it a second thought. Cut through as many layers of fabric at a time as you wish,  or just a couple.

You can also use pairs of 6" squares (which will be halved once diagonally)  and 6-7/8" squares, if all you have are scraps, and if they are not directional. If I don't have a large enough piece of fabric to cut 11" squares, I use 6" pairs and 6-7/8" combo.

Bring some novelties if you'd like. A four inch square of one can replace a center square.

I used 32 Kona solids to make the stars in my quilt.**
A fat eighth of each would be sufficient plus, according to Martingale Publishing
 "Rock Solid" 2017, pp22-26,
3.5 yards fabric for star background, borders and binding and
4.25 yards  for backing.
(I would bring more than Martinagales recommends in case you make mistakes :-) )
When I made the quilt, I had an enormous quantity of Kona Parchment color 108" wide and cut it up without caution.

Please don't cut up all of your fabric into 11" squares. Who knows what might strike your fancy once you are in the studio. This is a workshop, and your blocks could head in any direction. The same goes for potential sashing or borders. You can't tell what might suit your blocks (should you wish to sash or border them) until you have sewn  a quantity. You are not under a mandate from me to sew a quilt top. I'd like you to explore, and not rush. The method will save us a great amount of time, so please stop and smell the roses while we work.  Whatever direction you head, I will be there to give you as much, or as little, guidance as you wish.

Among the available machines are seven new Juki sewing machines.Is anyone bringing their own machine?  Don't forget the foot pedal, its cord and the power cord

We will be straight stitching, using 1/4" seams.

I understand there are rolling chairs. If you use a seat cushion at home, you might want to bring it if you are driving.

Please share any comments below.
Thank you!
ps 10"(minimum) squares of freezer paper come in handy to preserve arrangements for travel or while you work.

*ADDITIONS post 06-21-2017
*I will have gridded 1/8th inch template plastic available
** If you wish to duplicate the quilt in the Martingale book, you will need the book for the framing triangle template. Please let me know if you need for me to supply you with the book ($23)


Denise said...

Hello Anita, Looking forward to the week of creativity. I am driving from the Richmond,VA area so I will be bringing my machine.
See everyone soon.

Anita Grossman Solomon said...

Wishing you an easy drive. Don't let the fabric weigh you down :-)
See you soon,

chip miller said...

Hi Anita,
I am looking forward to a good time and learning lots! I have enjoyed your books and Craftsy video. Thank you for sharing your art talent with us. Our phone conversation was helpful. I am bringing my machine (and instruction booklet since it is new) and fabrics plus "Anita's recommended notions."
See you next week,

Janet Woodruff said...

Hi Anita! I am looking forward to next week. I have been a great fan of yours for several years. I will be a "day student" as I live about 10 miles from the Folk School. I will have the luxury of returning home each night and rummaging through my stuff to get what I might have forgotten!
See you soon, Janie