The Xcentric

Stripe City
The Make It Simpler Xcentric block is available as a day-long or half-day* workshop
  The City Quilter, Manhattan  
How many triangles were cut to make these blocks? None
How many seams were used to make this 40" square REVERSIBLE quilt the children are holding?

How much fabric was required? 
Two and one half yards

How many triangles needed to be cut? 
Not one. Just cut two identical (large) squares of fabric. 
This fun quilt is actually a Super-sized Reversible Xcentric block

Additional images are in this Picasa album

Below- The Quilt Show trailer

*Half-Day workshop:
Supply List Short Day
This will be a special short class, under three hours, so not much fabric needed. It’s process oriented. Following the workshop, having learned the method, you’ll be in a better position to select fabrics for a future project. Everyone will benefit by example – seeing what happens with the variety of fabrics used by everyone else.

Follow the supply list.  Bring enough yardage of one stripe fabric from which you will cut, in class, FOUR identical 8.5" squares of fabric. If you have other stripe fabric at home bring that as a back up or if you are undecided. Best to not launder the fabric.

It’s a quick and unusual class, suited for a group. Part technique, part design and always interesting.

This is the Xcentric I'm currently making with Alexander Henry fabric