Supply List Square on Point
Cut It, Sew It, Love It.
I demonstrated my original Square-on-Point method for the very first time on Simply Quilts in 2005. From two different equal sized squares of fabric I made two square on point blocks without wasting any fabric. A surprising NEW version debuted in my 2010 book Rotary Cutting Revolution. It uses my versatile Cutting Lines™ pattern, which is also a top-piecing foundation. There is no need to mark a rotary mat as done in the original version.

You do not need to measure anything. You do not need to read the measurements on a ruler.

Simply put, constructing this basic block is effortless and a fabric lover’s pleasure. The Anita dictum is “Two  squares of fabric yield the equivalent of two blocks.” You needn't look at the lines on a ruler when following Anita’s unique Cutting Lines™ pattern. This one pattern, a line drawing, is used in three different steps to cut, sew and true up blocks.

Streamlined piecing is Zen-like allowing workshop participants the luxury of time for color (selecting fabrics from stash), design (arranging the blocks into interesting layouts if in a two day class) and sewing under Anita’s tutelage. The finished 6” blocks can be made up into any size quilt which may be started in class.

This blog post of mine from spring 2011 has two videos, that happened to be created six years apart, about the Square-on-Point.

Beginners are welcome. All Participants must have sewing machine and rotary cutting experience.